Credit Card Processing

Add more profit to your bottom line by letting The Bookeeping Station help you lower your processing fees or even eliminate them

The Bookkeeping Station has partnered with a credit card processing company whose mission is to help businesses increase their profitability by offering simple, secure, affordable processing with transparent pricing and excellent customer service.  We are confident that our clients will get the best rates available with no hidden fees and be matched with what fits their business needs.  Best of all they don’t require a contract because they feel if they give you the best rate and customer service then you won’t want to switch to another processing company.

If you are business owner who accepts credit cards and you are overwhelmed by the high fees or if you are a business owner who doesn’t currently accept credit cards but would like to get details about setting up an account, now is the time to get a free no obligation quote!   

What is the Dual Pricing Program versus the Conventional credit card processing?

Conventional processing program is where your business pays the processing fees.  This processor can put you on their low-rate Interchange Plus pricing to save you money.

Conventional Processing Program:

  1. You accept the credit card payment from your customer.

  2. The credit card processor deposits the money into your account minus a fee.

The Dual Pricing program allows you as the merchant to share the cost of accepting card payments with your customers. As the cost of doing business continues to rise, the Dual Pricing Program is becoming more popular with businesses.

Dual Pricing Program:

  1. When the customer chooses to pay with a card, he will pay 3-4% more than your cash price.

  2. As the merchant, you will only be charged $35/month to support your merchant account.  Depending on the volume of credit card sales your business does this method can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars monthly.

The benefits of the dual pricing program include:

  • You pay only a low monthly amount for your merchant account. (Most businesses qualify for the $35/month)

  • We provide a compliant terminal that is programmed to display two price options: a Card Price and a lower Cash Price.

  • We provide you signage informing your customers of this dual pricing option.

  • We will train you and your staff how to answer questions raised by your customers.

Either way you choose, they will provide:

  • A terminal at no cost (for qualifying merchants)

  • A rate lock for at least 3 years

  • No contract or termination fees

  • Assistance with your PCI validation

  • Excellent 24 hour support

If you would like more information on lowering your credit card processing fees, please call us at (936) 449-0772 or contact us via the contact form.